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LuxSauna Spa Reviews


Luxsauna spa reviews are in and the consensus is that the Luxsauna spa provides a tremendous benefit  to overall health including detoxification, pain relief and weight loss to name a few. Other points covered in the LuxSauna Reviews include: 



Luxsauna Reviews

Health Benefits

Customers have been able to find a significant increase in relief of  physical complaintswith the luxsauna, the best infrared sauna. Common health benefits experienced in regular use were are clearer skin, reduction of cellulite, promotion of healthy weight loss, improved mental clarity, pain reduction, an increase of energy, stress reduction, and  improved nutrient absorption. Suffers of chronic pain report increased quality of lifea.


Luxsuana Complaints

The LuxSauna Reviews that were not positive are not what one might expect. The most common complaints found in sauna reviews are that the benefits are simple far to good to be true and cannot last long term. LuxSauna continues to out-produce competition because their is absolutely NO middle man, making the product cheaper for the customer because of direct sales. The infrared heat technology used by luxsuana products is clinically proven technology that has undergone various clinical tests. These best saunas are used by pro-athletes, doctors, health professionals and alternative medicine specialists. Other reviews report that the company offers discounts when you purchase a sauna with a friend, free shipping and a lifetime guarantee.



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LuxSauna Reviews:Relieve ourselves from Stress and Boost our Immunity

LuxSauna Reviews

At LuxSauna Reviews, are goal is to provide honest, reliable information about the Luxsauna spa. We hope our LuxSauna Reviews will allow you to make an educated purchasing decision.


Each and every one of us needs to use the far infrared LuxSauna in order to relieve ourselves from stress and boost our immunity. 

The question is; how is this accomplished?

First you have to look at the science behind a far infrared sauna. LuxSauna has been manufacturing saunas since early 2000. One of only a few we were truly pioneers in the field of therapeutic far infrared heat technology. Infrared heat technology is the secret to producing all of the coveted health benefits. Everyone who uses one is simply amazed at how quick they’re appearance and health improves. It’s a matter of just one week and these customers of LuxSauna will dare you to pry their sauna away from them… “from my cold dead hands” they say.

Many people sending us reviews of LuxSauna have many different things to say and much of it depends on their specific situation.

For example:

NFL trainer says: “when I arrived to the training facility in Jacksonville, our staff was set up with two large infrared heaters. But none of the players used them. I asked around to find out why and they all said it doesn’t get hot enough, doesn’t make them sweat and they don’t work. As an owner of a far infrared sauna, a LuxSauna, I knew that the benefits were amazing and that the LuxSauna did in fact work for me. So instead of debating I simply called up and order two equally large saunas from LuxSauna. We dumped the others, not sure where. The guys loved these new far infrared saunas. They were immediately fighting to get in first and they stayed in for 45 minutes or more on average. Soreness, bruising and pain were so much more quickly eliminated that we found it (and still do) to be a significant competitive edge.

Spa owner and detox specialist: “this LuxSauna is booked constantly. We are scheduling two weeks in advance. Everyone loves it especially the women who claim it’s like getting a facial every single day they use it. We sell them to our customers frequently for just that reason. Then there’s the obvious; weight loss. Some sweat more than others and others eventually (if they use the sauna enough) allow their body to learn to sweat. I’ve been using it so much and I’m so detoxed on a constant basis, when I have a glass of wine I even start sweating. That’s my body telling me that this is not 100% good for me so were going to sweat it out right away. Bottom line, were loving the sauna and love the customer support you guys have given us and all of our referrals. Thanks again. Linda.

Customer LuxSauna reviews keep coming in and we’ll post them as we get time. You can see dozens more at

Some of the benefits that are promptly seen are improved skin tone, more energy, pain relief, weight loss, detoxifying internal organs, mental clarity and cardiovascular stimulation. The following lists LuxSauna reviews of the benefits from the infrared sauna:

  1. This sauna would help us remove those brain-draining toxins and the subcutaneous fat. The fat is melted at the highest temperature. The acids and toxins are let loose and then are expelled through sweat leaving your body clean.
  2. The far infrared lux sauna also helps in the cardiovascular stimulation which is otherwise achieved by vigorous exercises like running, rowing, biking and the like. You would also witness a good amount of blood flow to all the organs.
  3. The internal organs are detoxified. The surrounding toxins around the organs are melted and harmful toxins that might be fatal to a human are also removed.
  4. With just a single session, you would find some astonishing results. You would witness vibrant energy and your craving for food would become less over a period of time.
  5. You would see a change in the skin type. The far infrared LuxSauna will help you look younger and you don’t have to invest in lotions and creams to make your skin soft, smooth and supple. You would also find that the scars vanish within few days. The facial skin also tightens because the collagen is rejuvenated.
  6. The toxins are removed and you would also witness mercury detoxification. The most damaging toxins are sent out of the body. You don’t have to undergo any surgery or take pills in order to lose weight.
  7. People who are suffering from arthritis would also find a huge amount of difference in the way the far infrared LuxSauna works for them. Muscle spasms, arthritis, sprains, joint stiffness, injuries, etc. can also be cured with the help of these saunas.
  8. These saunas strengthen the heart rate, increase the metabolism rate and cardiac output. The diastolic blood pressure would also drop.
  9. You would be able to remove stress, relax and enjoy the sauna. You can be free from anxiety under the most comfortable warm temperature. There would be fresh air vents in the cabinets that allow you to breathe fresh air.
  10. Strengthening the immune system is another achievement with the far infrared lux sauna. Profuse sweating occurs wherein the heat is deeply induced. You would find yourself refreshed and invigorated after the session.
  11. Individuals can also have a therapeutic effect on the body. Men can come out the problems of an enlarged prostate. This would help in an increased blood flow thus boosting the cardiovascular activity.
  12. Women can also get rid of problems like harmful vaginal discharges or yeast infection. They would also witness an ease at the time of PMS.

It is also believed that a toxin free individual can absorb nutrients much efficiently thus feeling better over a period of time and this is only possible with the infrared LuxSauna. 


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